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Hope is where

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Association NeurArt was founded in Fribourg Switzerland.

Our goal is to promote knowledge of cutting edge technologies in modern art, on particular, based on 



Our mission is to improve quality of life. We are focused on antistress effect of some particular art techniques.

NeurArt would like to increase number of information about COB: easy of access way to fight with some complicated diseases, as well as for average people, suffering from daily stress. Science and Art which make difference!

FORMULA Cinetique Oculaire.png


“Cinétique Oculaire Boa

The idea is easy: color, shape, size, location ...

Simple formula, known to a wide range of people.

To create a painting you need about 70 hours of calculations and a certain technique of applying color. To get the effect, you need to allow your eyes to look and move.

After 30 seconds, stress begins to decline.

Tests and encephalograms confirm state change to the level of meditation. It is how Science and Art work together! 

Science and Art 

= paintings

Painting "Songe"


Songe is in the Pixels collection of the latest generation Cinétique Oculaire Boa.


Due to its kinetics, it allows observers to reduce brain activity at low theta waves.


Waves of deep meditation, calm and rebirth.


Please, focus your eyes for 30 sec.

Some painting NeuroArt


in 30 seconds

non-profit ASSOCIATION NeurArt 

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The goal of association is to promote knowledge for all over the world and to bring the light in home of people with difficult deceases. This is the way of Woman-entrepreneur to bring Social Responsibility on the next stage. 

Needed urgently: influencers, ambassadors / website, publications / media support​

Hope is where the Heart is 

SPONSORS packages


from 15 CHF

  • anti-stress stationary  

  • donation / purchase


800 - 10 000 CHF

  • original painting 

  • personal autograph


5 000 - 20 000 CHF

  • co-branding on events 

  • active culture exchanges


50 000 CHF / per year

  • strategic partnership

  • named unique painting

painting ROAD TO PARADIS.jpg

Investment in art have always been prestigious. The value of the artist increases with time. However, investment in humanity and the daily quality of life is much more important than names and titles. 

In today's world, countless people suffer from stress. The greatest regret is that we get more technical capabilities, but they also overload our children. They do not cope with the increased demands of the surrounding space.


Let's change life for the better together.


Kristina Babina

co-founder of Association NeurArt 

owner of TOT UP, 

member of Association NeurArt


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Chemin des Hirondelles 14, Matran, 1753 Switzerland

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